Tim Watkins

Data Management Officer

Tim recently completed his PhD in biostatistics at the University of Sydney and the George Institute for Global Health. He sought potential new ideas to improve the quality of health intervention research, focusing on the concepts of causal inference, research bias, decision making and uncertainty. A deeper understanding of the cognitive factors underlying analysis decisions, research conclusions, and the reporting of results suggested strategies that may reduce the proportion of research with false or overconfident findings. Tim is now applying these insights and his experience as a biostatistician to a number of data linkage projects at 3DN. Prior to the PhD, Tim completed a Master of Biostatistics through the University of Sydney and delivered by the Biostatistics Collaboration of Australia. During this time, he also worked as a database manager, programmer and website developer at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Allergy Unit.


PhD Thesis

Understanding uncertainty and bias to improve causal inference in health intervention research