Julianne Higgins

Peer Researcher

Julianne Higgins is an experienced autistic advocate and peer-researcher. Julianne was late diagnosed at the age of 62.  She brings diverse rich experiences to her research, having lived in various cultures, worked as an artist, as well as various professional and unskilled endeavours, she also spent twenty + years studying at university at both undergraduate and post graduate levels across academic disciplines/faculties. The focus of her Masters’ Degree, incomplete due to onset of ME/CFS, was on Anxiety Disorders, Counselling and Stress Management.  A background in philosophy, psychology and meditation complemented her academic work and her voluntary work with Griefline and Beyond Blue. She is an Alumna of Autism CRC Research Academy 2015, to which she was an Autistic Advisor for the Inaugural Workshop. She has been an advisor to the ALSAA study for several years. Since 2016 Julianne has presented at several autism conferences, covering areas of Diagnosis, Co-Existing Conditions, Health Care, and most recently at APAC2019 on Participatory Inclusive Peer Research and Co-Production.