We are currently recruiting participants for the following projects:


Contraception use in women with intellectual disability

Our department will be running a study to compare how women with and without intellectual disability use contraception. We are putting together a community advisory group to give us suggestions on how to improve our study. You can become a community advisor if

  • You are a woman with intellectual disability
  • You have used a type of contraception that we study


  • You are a close family member and carer of a woman with intellectual disability who has used one of these types of contraception


You can find more information here: Easy-read or plain language

Your input will help us understand how our findings relate to the real world, and help us find ways to share this information with people who need it. Please email Yunhe Huang (yunhe.huang@unsw.edu.au) or call (02) 9348 0076 if you are interested.


IDMH e-Learning for disability professionals

This research involves a short online survey about the training needs of disability professionals on intellectual disability mental health.

To be eligible to participate you must have experience of providing paid support to people with intellectual disability.

More information can be found in the Participant Information Sheet. Once you have read the information you can access the survey here. The survey takes around 10 minutes to complete.

Contact: idhealtheducation@unsw.edu.au