Katrina Sneath

Project Administrator

Katrina Sneath is a Project Administrator at 3DN. She has had different advocacy roles in New Zealand (NZ) and Sydney. In NZ, Katrina was involved with Malatest International and was able to interview people with disabilities about how to make their lives more accessible and see what changes were needed in housing and care. She had a similar experience through Achieve Australia, in Sydney. In NZ, Katrina has delivered workshops at Idea Services to train new support workers. Similarly, Katrina supports trainees at Hotel Etico, Sydney as a mentor.

Katrina is very passionate about advocacy for people with disability. Katrina was born with a disability and has loved helping others with a disability since she was young. She lives independently in her own in my flat and is looking forward to increasing her experience in advocacy.

Katrina was involved in Uni2Beyond, where she audited Health and Science classes. In her spare time Katrina enjoys reading books, diamond painting, singing, dancing, loves being creative, and expressing herself. She also enjoys going on adventurous walks and trying new things every day.

Katrina is looking forward to growing at 3DN.