Maryann Barrington

Research Officer

Maryann is a motivated early career researcher, with experience in both experimental and applied psychological research. She is currently a research officer at 3DN, where she is collaborating on a project aimed at understanding and improving models of preventative healthcare for people with an intellectual disability.

Before joining 3DN, Maryann completed a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and recently submitted her PhD thesis with the University of Wollongong. During her candidature she focussed on understanding the mechanisms underpinning distracting self-generated thoughts (colloquially referred to as ‘mind wandering’), as well as mapping the possible functions associated with such thoughts.

Outside her PhD she has collaborated on a diverse range of research projects, including a program to improve environmental sustainability among national park users, and working on an education tool to enhance cultural humility among healthcare workers in maternal wards.

Maryann has a strong understanding of, and commitment to, lived experience and co-design in research and practice, having previously worked in the provision of suicide postvention support alongside a team of dedicated lived experience colleagues and advisory bodies.