Disability professionals play a significant role in supporting people with intellectual disability in their daily lives. Given their frequent contact they are in a key position to identify signs and symptoms of a mental illness and to assist the person to access mental health support. Disability professionals are also well placed to support the person throughout any treatment they receive, such as accompanying the person to appointments, assisting with therapies and medications and documenting changes to the person’s wellbeing.

However, to provide effective mental health support specific skills and knowledge are required. In 2016 The Department of Developmental Disability Neuropsychiatry (3DN) began to expand their resources to include training specifically designed for people working in the disability sector.



Currently, these resources include 12 e-Learning modules hosted on our site www.idhealtheducation.edu.au and a number of downloadable information sheets.


Intellectual Disability Mental Health e-Learning

The e-Learning modules are designed to equip professionals in the disability sector with the confidence, skills and knowledge needed to respond to the mental health needs of people with intellectual disability. They have been specifically developed for the role disability professionals do and provide information on practical ways to provide support.

More information about the e-Learning for disability professionals can be found here.


Information on Intellectual Disability Mental Health

A number of downloadable information sheets have been created to be used as a reference tool. They are designed to support learning from the e-Learning modules allowing learners to revisit key points and share information with colleagues. 

The information sheets can be accessed here



There are currently no publications from the e-Learning project. Please see ‘publications’ for articles from the wider department



As an academic department within UNSW Sydney we will conduct research from time to time. This is to aid in the evaluation of our resources and inform future directions.


Bespoke Training

We offer training packages tailored to the needs of your organisation. Training packages can be prepared and delivered to disability professionals as face-to-face workshops/seminars, online webinars and/or e-learning modules. We can create bespoke training on:

  • Mental health in people with intellectual or developmental disability
  • Behaviours of concern – introduction, assessment and management
  • Responsible prescribing of medication to people with intellectual disability
  • Positive Behaviour Support – basic principles and approaches

Please email us at idhealtheducation@unsw.edu.au with a brief proposal to start a conversation about bespoke training. We would be pleased to discuss timeframes and costs with you.

For additional information, please see our Intellectual Disability Health Education website.