3DN Clinic

Clinic for the Assessment of Neuropsychiatric Disorders in Intellectual Disability (CANDID)

We are currently accepting referrals but please note that the Clinic experiences a high volume of referrals and there can be lengthy delays before we are able to offer an appointment


CANDID is a tertiary outpatient service which supports people with intellectual disability and complex neuropsychiatric disorders by offering second opinions regarding diagnosis or management in situations where this has been requested by the current treating specialist. It also acts as an important training resource for medical students, psychiatry trainees and Intellectual Disability Mental Health Fellows. CANDID commenced in 2009, and is located in the Euroa Centre at Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick.


What are our Referral Criteria?

  • The person is 18 years or older. Please note that referrals for those aged 16-17 years may be considered after discussion with the team.
  • The person must have an intellectual or developmental disability.
  • The referral is initiated by the current treating specialist who is actively involved in the management of the patient and is able to provide comprehensive background information.
  • The referring specialist is able to take ongoing responsibility for overseeing the implementation of any clinic recommendations.
  • The referral is not for a medico-legal opinion.


What is the Referral Procedure?

  • Please email referrals to dddn@unsw.edu.au.
  • Mark referrals ‘to the attention of CANDID’
  • Referrals will be considered only if they contain detailed information about the reason for referral, clinical background, summaries of relevant investigations, assessments, or management to date.
  • Referrals should also include contact details of the person being referred, and those of carers or support persons.
  • Referrals are screened by clinic staff for suitability. If considered appropriate, a patient information questionnaire will be sent to the person or their nominated carer.
  • Appointments are not booked until all questionnaires and background information have been provided.
  • The average waiting time for new appointments is ten weeks.


What happens if I/the person I support is not accepted for the clinic?

Please consider referring to the Statewide Intellectual Disability Mental Health Outreach Service (SIDMHOS) which offers a similar service to our clinic.

There are a number of psychiatrists with expertise in intellectual/developmental disability and mental health. Please ask your general practitioner for advice or use the 'find a psychiatrist' tool provided by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists.


A printable version of this information can be downloaded here.