Using big data to understand the predictors of repeated self-harm in people with mental health and drug and alcohol comorbidity

Past project

Chronic use of alcohol and other drugs is one of the greatest risk factors for repeated self-harm and suicide. Very few studies have specifically focussed on preventing repeated presentation to acute health services and admission for self-harm specifically for people with drug and alcohol comorbidity. To best design such interventions, a better understanding of the specific predictors of repeated self-harm in this population is necessary but under-researched. We used big data to directly address this gap.

Project Team

Dr Rachael Cvejic, Dr Kate Chitty (USyd), Prof Julian Trollor, Prof Nicholas Buckey (USyd), A/Prof Kirsten Morley (USyd), Dr Preeyaporn Srasuebkul, Prof Andrew Dawson (Sydney LHD), Prof Greg Carter (Hunter New England LHD), Dr Tess Heintze

Outputs from this project

Chitty, K. M., Cvejic, R. C., Heintze, T., Srasuebkul, P., Morley, K., Dawson, A., Dinh, M., Buckley, N., & Trollor, J. N. The impact of problematic use of alcohol and drugs on repeat deliberate self-harm and suicidal ideation: insights from a population-based administrative health dataset. Crisis: The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention.

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