Independent Learning Project (ILP)

The Independent Learning Project (ILP) provides UNSW medical students with a hands-on research experience. It typically involves a review of relevant literature, data collection, analysis and presentation. Staff members at 3DN are available to supervise ILPs in the broad areas of cognitive disability and health using various methods, including surveys, linked data, interviews and focus groups.

For more information on Independent Learning Projects, including application deadlines, go to the Year 4 Medicine Research Project page. If you would like to discuss the possibility to undertake an ILP at 3DN, please contact our student student coordinators Dr Janelle Weise (, 02 9065 8076) or Dr Rachael Cvejic (, 02 9065 1625).

ILP student testimonial: Marisse Sonido

Marisse Sonido

One of my favourite parts of my ILP year was working with my supervisors and everyone at 3DN, where I always felt supported and part of the team. From the beginning, my supervisors made it a point to understand my goals for the year and encouraged me to reach them. They were willing to support me in submitting to leading autism journals, presenting in conferences, and contributing to other papers. They were always available to provide feedback, statistical help, and extra guidance whenever it was needed and made sure to include me in team activities, such as recruitment and journal club. I felt like I was continually learning more about autism and that I was contributing to the field through my work with 3DN, and I continue to receive support with my autism research even after my ILP year.

What made my ILP experience even more positive was how friendly and welcoming everyone in the department was. At least every other week, there would be some fun opportunity to catch up with everyone, eat cake, and celebrate a birthday or the completion of a PhD. If you have an interest in autism or intellectual disability, are keen to be part of a supportive research team, or have a big sweet tooth, I highly recommend undertaking an ILP with 3DN.