Easy read information sheets on mental health services in NSW

These easy read information sheets provide information on finding, accessing, and using mental health services in NSW.

They are for people with intellectual disability and those who prefer simple written information.

There are information sheets on topics including

  • Getting help with your mental health
  • The Mental Health Act
  • Rights and rules about mental health treatment
  • Making a complain about mental health care

Resource page for consumers and carers: https://www.3dn.unsw.edu.au/consumers_information
Resource page for health professionals: https://www.3dn.unsw.edu.au/professionals_information


Positive Cardiometabolic Health For People With Intellectual Disability

The postcards below can be printed and taken to your doctor. The front side of the postcards contain information for people with an intellectual disability or carers. The back side of each postcard provides information for the doctor about the above resources.

Postcard for people with an intellectual disability
Postcard for carers

Please click the links below to access a range of free-to-download resources for clinicians, formal and informal carers and people with an intellectual disability.

If you would like to learn more about the study, please click here.