Introduction to inpatient mental health services

This resource is a series of information sheets for people receiving care in inpatient mental health services. It provides information on a range of topics including what happens during admission, treatment plans, rights and responsibilities, service facilities, activities, leave, and discharge.

As inpatient mental health services differ greatly in the services that they provide and level of care, this resource is provided as a template that can be modified and built upon to meet the individual needs of mental health services.

The template has been developed in sections. It is preferable that the sections are provided as separate information sheets at appropriate times to minimise cognitive load and aid comprehension. However, the sections could be provided to some patients all at once as a booklet with sections highlighting specific topics.

More information about how to use this template is provided here and at the start of the full version.


Please note: these are templates and are not ready to be provided to patients as is.


Full version

Introduction to Inpatient Mental Health Services - Word template | PDF version

Please download the PDF version if previewing on mobile devices etc (not for distribution)


Individual information sheets

Information about going to hospital

Why I am in hospital and what will happen

What happens when I arrive at hospital

Treatment to help my mental health

What my days will be like in hospital

Mental health workers who work in this hospital

How the hospital workers should treat me

Support from people I trust

My rights

My duties while in hospital

Daily life in hospital

Leave from hospital

Going home at the end of my stay in hospital

When I am worried about how I am being treated


Planning sheets

Information I would like about my hospital stay

My Medications

Daily Planner

Activities I could do in my free time

My health care team